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Training should be about helping animals succeed in the world we've created for them, not boosting our egos.

That idea is at the core of Zoomility. Using only positive reinforcement -- never punishment -- Zoomility outlines steps you can follow to teach your animals calm, cooperative, and complex behaviors that will hold up in any situation.

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What do elephants, killer whales and your family dog all have in common? Training with Zoomility!

Using Zoomility's 3Rs (request, response, reinforce) you'll be able to train any animal, regardless of age or past behavior issues. Dr. Stafford includes dozens of "recipes" for helpful behaviors like sit, stay, and so much more. And using the techniques you'll learn in Zoomility, you'll be able to create your own recipes to successfully shape any behavior.


Zoomility is not like other books that claim to use only positive reinforcement to train your pet, when what they really mean is "we aren't as harsh as the others"!
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Jack Hanna

Rick Prebeg

Host of the Emmy Award winning TV series, "Jack Hanna's Into the Wild " and author of several books, Jack Hanna is one of America's most beloved naturalists and adventurers.


It's been working for animals in zoos and aquariums for years. And now, you can use it for your own training, with help from Wildlife World Zoo's Dr. Grey Stafford.
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Adding a new puppy to my family had me feeling nervous and unprepared. Zoomility gave me the confidence I needed to take control of my training sessions...
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